Jazz Guitar Lessons Via Zoom

I’m now teaching jazz guitar lessons via zoom. Each lesson is an hour and can be tailored to any experience level. The lessons are designed to provide material that should keep a person busy for quite a while, rather than weekly. My philosophy is centered around a music-first approach to technique: finding the path that allows the guitarist to make the sounds they’re hearing in their minds become a reality. 

Topics covered could include:

Picking technique 
Solo ideas and theory
Learning tunes

Jazz guitar for rock/blues players

I’m looking at different ways to structure lessons to take into account that we’re living in extraordinary times, and many people’s income has been disrupted. With this in mind, I’m thinking about offering small group lessons and master classes in addition to individual lessons.

If you interact with other jazz guitarists on a forum, at school, have friends who also play, etc., consider a group lesson of 3 or 4 players who are at a similar level or have similar questions and can meet at the same time.

A master class could be a group of up to 20 people, and would cover the basic ideas that are necessary and useful at any level of proficiency. An advanced Master Class would cover a particular topic in depth.
Individual Lesson $100/hour
Group Lesson $40/hour per person
1.5-Hour Master Class $25 per person 

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