Recordings featuring Andrew Green DIME DANCING: The Music of Steely Dan

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Dime Dancing: The Music Of Steely Dan

Available now on Shifting Paradigm Records, Dime Dancing is a collection of eight songs from the classic 1970s era discography of Steely Dan, arranged and reimagined by Brooklyn guitarist Andrew Green. Featuring predominantly strings, woodwinds and acoustic guitar, each ensemble is unique in instrumentation and style, while maintaining a firm connection to the sources’ pop/rock roots. Influences range from classical to gamelan, salsa, Brasilian, early jazz, bluegrass and even a hint of electronica.  Read more…


The Notet

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THE NOTET silent d

2018 on Shifting Paradigm Records, a new collective quartet project recorded “live” in the studio. No edits, no rehearsal. Pick the tune, pick the tempo, count it off, and play. The emphasis for this project is group interaction, with many simultaneous solos and lots of group interplay. Read more…


Narrow Margin


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Narrow Margin

Narrow Margin is a jazz-noir sextet featuring some of New York’s finest improvisors and lucid writing and arranging by yours truly. The talents of Bill McHenry–Tenor Sax, Russ Johnson–Trumpet, JC Sanford–Trombone, John Hebert–Bass and Mark Ferber–Drums are on ample display. Produced by myself and John McNeil. Narrow Margin is hard-edged music about hard-edged cinema and, like the best noir characters, the music packs a wallop. …Green’s compositions mostly stay sextet-size, but they’ve got all the stopping power of a blazing Tommy Gun… J Hunter, all about Read more…



sound assembly

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Sound Assembly – Edge of the Mind

This is the debut CD of the large ensemble Sound Assembly, co-lead by two great composers/arrangers, JC Sanford and David Schumacher. I am but one of many extremely talented musicians on this cutting edge large ensemble record. Produced by John McNeil. Read more…