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Sound Assembly – Edge of the Mind

This is the debut CD of Sound Assembly co-lead by two great composers/arrangers, JC Sanford and David Schumacher. I am but one of many extremely talented musicians on this cutting edge large ensemble record. Produced by John McNeil.

Sound Assembly – Edge of the Mind CD review by 
Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

Co-led by composers David Schumacher and JC Sanford, this dynamic 17-piece jazz orchestra delivers heady, modernist fare ranging from the dissonant, surging “Breaking Point” to the majestic sweep of “Edge of the Window,” the sly, Thad Jones-inspired “Chuck ‘n’ Jinx,” the formidable “Rhythm of the Mind” and the gentle, rubato ballad “Ives, Eyes.” The session is fueled by the excellent drumming of John Hollenback. Outstanding soloists include tenor saxophonist Chris Bacas, guitarist Andrew Green…

Sound Assembly – Edge of the Mind CD review by 
Jordan Richardson,

The horned swell of Breaking Point, composed by Schumacher, pushes and pulls with urgency. “The title is descriptive of taking a small amount of material and pushing it to its limit or breaking point,” Schumacher explains. The cut is accented by a downright deadly bit of guitar from Green. 

Here’s some “bad” press I can live with. If being compared to Steve Vai is a dis, keep dissing, baby:

Sound Assembly – Edge of the Mind CD review on 

The only quibble with this cd is the couple of annoying, gratuitously garish Steve Vai/Buckethead-style electric guitar solos… Memo to axeman: just because you can play like that doesn’t mean you should.